Pain under the knee? it might be the IT Band syndrome

Did you hurt your knee? it comes from "somewhere else".

Last modification : February 28, 2024
Pain under the knee? it might be the IT Band syndrome - feat

I am not a doctor, I am not a physiotherapist, but as a coach and athlete, I have to deal with a view of symptoms and find solutions that might work, based on experience and a ton of information we can now find online.
This experience I share will not replace a consultation with a specialist, I recommend a physiotherapist to get a proper diagnosis and solution.

Do you hurt your knee? it might come from “somewhere else”

Sometimes, runners, football players, and other athletes feel a “strange” pain under the knee.
The symptom is located in the knee, but the problem will need to be fixed in another location of the body.

We have a muscle group on the side of the leg called the Iliotibial Band, and we talk about IT Band symptoms when it causes some pain. This muscle starts at the top of the glute and is attached under the knee.

When this muscle is sore, tired, or too tight, it might create symptoms under the knee.

To fix the pain, we need to focus on this Iliotibial Band, by doing 2 things :

  1. release the IT Bands: massage/stretching / hot and cold, massage gun, etc.: it has to be well done and appropriate, physio might help a lot.
  2. activate and make this muscle stronger, by doing specific exercises: it will remove the pain but also prevent the symptoms from happening again.

The are dozens and dozens of videos showing methods to fix it.

I post some good ones below.

Before, I make an important reminder

To do sport, especially football: you need to activate and get complete and balanced muscles, today, by talking about IT bands, I want to remind you how the hips are essential to play football without pain.

The exercises I ask the players to repeat, especially on Tuesday / Thursday, are done to prevent this kind of injury.

PS: I highly suggest everybody, sportive or not, get some elastics: you can work your strength, fix a tight muscle, and simply do regular maintenance to your body with a few minutes of daily routine. I buy my elastic at Decathlon, cheap, good quality, fast shipping. (French brand :D)

IT Band videos I suggest

Fix IT Band Syndrome (NO FOAM ROLLING or Stretching!) by Squat University

(One of my favorite channels)

6 Exercises to Fix a Tight IT Band / ITB Syndrome Pain [for GOOD!]

Here we got a 20-minute useful video, first part explains very well how it works – if you want to know more about your body but also your children’s body

IT band syndrome strengthening exercises (FIX IT FOR GOOD)

12 minutes, 6 minutes to understand, 6 minutes of easy move

How To Fix IT Band Knee Pain FAST – The RIGHT Exercises For BETTER Results

Decathlon elastics

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