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Another opportunity to support youth football in Thailand

HH Football Academy has recently registered the official support of Wit Consulting and Hua Hin Safari & Adventure Park.

They committed for the long term to support the HH Football Academy project and our players will proudly wear the new kits with their respective logos.
Runista.com is our historical partner.

On the 23rd of June 2024, we organize another HH Football Tournament, for categories U12 and U16.

We already have registered 12 teams dispatched in the different categories. It represents 180 players, and we will project to around 300 people (players, staff, parents, etc.), 1000 professional photosetc.

The amount the work to organize these tournaments is unquantifiable. Sponsoring these events becomes as well necessary.

Support Local football events It's necessary

HH Football Academy Hua Hin - Its Necessary Interstellar - 900

Since we expect to provide high-quality and well-reputed football tournaments, the budget is around 50,000 THB per day.

We will use the best pitch of Hua Hin, one of the best football pitches in Asia.
We might have to turn the light for the finals and trophy ceremony for some categories.
We use independent referees and we expect to offer some shadow areas and chairs for the public.

This is a non-profitable football tournament

We meet 2 kinds of youth football tournaments in Thailand :

  • one offers cash money prizes to children
  • another one offers an entry price that local teams and thai families are not able to afford

We have decided to propose something different :

  • there will be no monetary prizes for the best teams, but trophies
  • best team of each category will earn an access to our future international tournament: local teams and players will be able to play versus international teams and schools of Asia, which rarely happens
  • there will be a lottery, with a prize that every player or team can win: Local activity access, football jerseys, sports equipment, etc.

HH Football Academy sponsors every local team (Prachuab Khiri Kan), reducing the entry fees by -70%.

These last options are the only way for the players of Hua Hin to participate in this kind of event.

We believe football doesn't discriminate by ethnic origin, culture, or social class - our events are built this way.

Our last tournament... Saturday 8th of June 2024

22 teams 308 players, 9 to 14 years old
60 matches 1200 minutes of football
10 hours of football + than 200 goals scored
ulimited smiles.. ...emotions, happiness
more than 500 players & spectators
14 trophies distributed
ulimited smiles.. ...emotions, happiness

Associate your brand - support sports, football, and local teams We have built different packages for the event coming on 23rd of June 2024

You have to 18th of June to make your decision, send your logo, time for us to print your banner and add your logo everywhere we can :)

Solo Banner on the pitch 7,000 THB

  • you will have your sign on the football pitch, with your logo
  • Sign dimension are 200x50cm
  • you can choose the design you like, background color, etc.
  • your logo will appear in all professional photos on social media
  • A link to your business is made on each photo album

Below is an example of Runista.com, one of HHFA historic supporters.

Become an official Sponsor 3,000 THB

  • you will have your logo with official sponsors banners
  • Sign dimension are 300x100cm
  • your logo will appears on website with schedule and results of the event (consulted thousands of time before, while and after the tournament)
  • your logo will appear in all professional photos on social media
  • A link to your business is made on each photo album

Below is an example of the banner with our annual sponsors : WIT Consulting, Hua Hin Safary and Runista.com.

Donations Named on anonymous

At our last event, we received a donation from someone who wanted to support local children and their healthy development. It is lovely and appreciated. Thank you again - even if you wanted to stay anonymous <3.

Contact us if you want to share with the local children.

How to become a Tournament sponsor?

For any questions, please contact Farid, head coach and founder of HH Football Academy and organizer of the tournament.

Mr Farid (English & French) :

Telephone : Call +66(0)859 53 90 90
Whatsapp : Chat +66(0)859 53 90 90
Line ID: benonarto
Email: coach@hhfootball.com

If you want to pick up a package, please complete the form below.

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