HH Football Aptitude Tests on 12 Nov 2022 – Save the date

HH Football Academy organizes the first aptitude tests of the season, to evaluate the players of the academy physically and technically.

Last modification : October 20, 2022
Football Player aptitude tests

HH Football Academy organizes its first football aptitude test of the season for the players of the academy.

It will happen on Saturday 12th of November 2022, from 8 am to 10 am.

What this test consists of?

Each player will be tested physically and technically by passing different tests: endurancespeedflexibilityresistancestrengthcoordination, and of course football technic and even tactical aptitudes.

Each player will receive a detailed report with advice, and the ability to focus on specific characteristics to become a better athlete and football player. 

It will also help the academy to design future sessions considering the general level and specificity of the players.

The best in each category will be rewarded.

Co-organization with Runista.com

These aptitude tests are co-organized with Runista, the main partner and sponsor of HH Football Academy. Runista.com is a company specializing in online coaching and training plans for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. It has been co-funded by the manager of HH Football Academy. 

French coach and Elite Athlete Romain Chevalier will be present to manage speed and endurance tests.

The aptitude tests are free of charge for all members of the academy. Of course, tests are adapted to the age of athletes and are different, funny for the youngest, and challenging for the oldest players.

Registration is mandatory and reservation will be opened soon on the HH Football Academy website.

More details are coming soon. Save the date.

ps : It appears officialy in our calendar.


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