HH Football Regional Cup I, What you need to know (players, parents…)

HH Football Regional Cup I, What you need to know (players, parents..

Last modification : June 7, 2024
HH football regional cup I Pre-selections for U11+ and U13+ - feat 1000

HH Football Regional Cup I, What you need to know (players, parents…)

Tomorrow 8th of June is our first organized tournament.

We have provided unquantifiable work to make it a great event – but it’s the first one – we are learning.

I provide a short guideline for the players selected and their parents.

Selected players

They deserve it – they will represent HH Football Academy tomorrow :

  1. Thank You + (Goal Keeper)
  2. Lev Roman (Goal Keeper)
  3. Georgy +
  4. Copter
  5. Tana
  6. Bas
  7. Jack Robinson
  8. Danny Kirk
  9. Matthew
  10. Luca
  11. Lev Guchev
  12. William Farah Baskksh
  13. Achi
  14. John Lopez
  15. Thoby
  16. Yotam
  17. Kan +
  18. John Robinson +
  19. Bank
  20. Reeve
  21. Thomi
  22. Tyler
  23. Mon
  24. Sterling +
  25. Yuto +
  26. Daniyal

I have received parents’ questions: why my son is not on the list?

Simple: most of the players above have worked hard for months, sometimes for years. They are focused, they have skills, sometimes they have talents, or everything together.

If we think they can proudly represent HH Football Academy, they will be selected. We do not please children or friends: it has to be deserved.

We welcome every player, beginner to advanced for the friendlies – tournaments are competitive, players will go for a fight in front of 300 people tomorrow – they need to be ready.

And just to say, we are extremely proud to have selected Yuto, Matthew, Luka, or Yotham: These kids didn’t start football by being the best players: but they worked hard, and now as coaches, we need them.

The schedule :

You can follow the schedule and the match results on this page.

HH Football Tournament - Regional Cup I - U13+ - Saturday 8th June - Hua Hin - Schedule v2


There will be 60 matches dispatched in 2 pitches – it’s a football marathon from 9 am to 7 pm.

We organized the finals matches under the light – better conditions to win a tournament.
At 7:30 pm we have the awards ceremony and a lottery.

Every player who participates has lottery tickets, and there are many things, Vana Nava tickets, jerseys, etc, and 50 family tickets (2 children + 2 parents) generously offered by Hua Hin Safari & Adventures Parks

You will be able to purchase lottery tickets for 50 THB as well.

For the players – important

We have 3 teams, we will need to adapt :

  1. take all your kits, old ones, new ones, 2/3 pairs of socks can be a smart move, shin pads, a hat or cap for the sun – even we will have a lot of tents with shadow
  2. stick with your teammates: you will be free to go, but it is very important to sit with your teammates, always, and be sure the coach is not looking for you.

Coach Steve as head Coach and Coach Sak as assistant will be in charge of the teams tomorrow.

In a football competition: players selected are not supposed to sit and spend time with parents between matches – we have seen this situation a few times and this is not the way it should work.
A word, a hug, a picture, a moment… but players need to be on the buddle team, the full day.
It helps to focus and optimize performance – and also reinforces the team spirit.

Food, Nutrition

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: Do not come with chips, appetizer, spicy food, sausages, fruit juice, etc to feed the players.

They will have a repetition of matches and their stomach will not be able to work as it should: this stomach does not want any chili, or spicy food, it doesn’t want any fried food or even fresh fruit which are often too acidic.

Starting today :

  • no soda,
  • no high sugar
  • no chili
  • no fried / oily food

You can go with :

  • a lot of water
  • dry fruits
  • paste no sauce no cheese
  • rice
  • chicken breast
  • cooked vegetables

Let’s go for rice, pasta, fried eggs, nothing specific – do not try to innovate and make a new story with your stomach, he won’t have time to learn.

Tomorrow we will sell food, the basic one: rice with eggs/chicken/vegetables – a solution for vegans too. Water + electrolytes (we might sell some as well) and that’s enough.

Today/tomorrow it’s not food but nutrition that the player needs.

We will lead the players, please do not provide anything special, just some money to buy their water/food when it’s missing.

The last words for the parents

I remember very well most of the football tournaments and competitions I played when I was very young, 10, 12, or 15 years old.

Whatever the performance of your children tomorrow: a good one, a bad one, please go with positive feedback – these words are the ones that can change a life. We are not building professional football players but good people, strong people, and future adults.

Your support, whatever your child does will be essential tomorrow and for their future life.

We expect good things, mistakes, disappointments, etc are in the competition package – please support your children, always!

What can HHFA expect tomorrow?

U11+: Mario left recently – we miss you. Sasha Waldman, our future start and super striker, is away. We have a younger team than the others, we mostly expect a great attitude and a lot of experience for our players for the next tournaments. We have selected some U9 and U10 to play versus older. In good football, a brave fight is expected.

U13+: Wich Achi, Kan, Gorgy, Thank you, John… We expect beautiful football and a podium, at least.
Team B is also very solid.

PS: we will sell coffee tomorrow ;)

Any question: Line / Whatsapp Coach Farid – today is better than tomorrow.

Coach Farid :

Telephone : Call +66(0)859 53 90 90
Whatsapp : Chat +66(0)859 53 90 90
Line ID: benonarto
Email: coach@hhfootball.com

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