Training @ Kanda Resort soi 112, and 1st Beach Training

True Arena Sports Club will be closed for a few days for the Thai Fight event. Read the updated location for training.

Last modification : November 14, 2022
Training @ Kanda Ressort soi 112

Hi Everyone,

important temporary change for the week.

True Arena Sports Club will be closed for a few days for the Thai Fight event.
We do not want to cut the training momentum and lose fitness.
U12 Junior League is coming soon, and we have a few friendlies/tournaments coming as well.

We have booked another pitch, a good quality pitch at Kanda Resort, soi 112.
You just need to drive on soi 112 for about 5 km, go straight, pass the signal and you will find the pitch on the right. There is light on this pitch, so the training will be from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Please do not miss it.

I have updated the calendar with the Address an google Maps directions.

To Resume :

Yes, Saturday we have a special session on the beach, a lot of fun with skills and fitness session on the sand :) Active parents are welcome to join the jogging :)


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