Football Training on January 2023 @ True Arena, a few changes

True Arena Sports Club will be closed for a few days for the Thai Fight event. Read the updated location for training.

Last modification : December 27, 2022
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Hi everyone,

I remind that tomorrow 24th of December, training happens as usual, from 8:30 to 10 am @ True Arena.

Next week, True Arena will proceed to the annual renovation of Pitch 1 and Pitch 2 (the 2 big pitches), so we will only have access to the pitch in the middle (pitch 3).

Unfortunately, this configuration will be the same till the 31st of January, since a professional team from Korea has booked both pitches for the full month. I tried everything to keep the biggest pitch but it was not possible.

HH Football Academy Hua Hin - Photos Aptitude Tests 1 - Nov 2022 - 7565

At the academy, I try to teach the kids to be ready to adapt and to do their best with the resources they have, mentally and physically, and as manager of the academy, this is what I have to do.
In order to keep security for players, as well a high quality of training, with enough space to organize drills and matches, I have to reorganize the training for the full month of January, but since we only do have pitch 3 available next week, I suppose we can start next week.

This new dispatch will be an opportunity for me to care personally about the girls and prepare for the mini-tournament I have organized for them, inviting 2 feminine teams from Bangkok on the 21st of January.

It will be as well an opportunity for the U11 team (players of 9, 10, 11 years old) to prepare for their tournament on the 5th of February with a dedicated coach (Coach Saeng), preparing them physically and tactically under my supervision.

Another important change for January 2023 will be the presence of 4 to 5 coaches at each training, to get more attention and more support for the players.

You surely know how much I am attached to the quality of training and how much I expect the players to progress.

I will come back with details and groups, and with the reorganization, for the best of our players and the academy.

HH Football Academy Hua Hin - Beach Training 1 - Nov 2022 - 0938

I will also share more details about the next Beach training, happening on the 8th of January, Sunday afternoon.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come to see me before or after the training, or simply to line / Whatsapp me, or simply call me if you prefer.

For Booking, simply add name and email – you will find all details for payment as well :

Coach Farid


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